Trait neon::prelude::Class[][src]

pub trait Class: Managed + Any {
    type Internals;
    fn constructor<'a, C: Context<'a>>(
        cx: &mut C
    ) -> JsResult<'a, JsFunction<Self>> { ... }
fn new<'a, 'b, C: Context<'a>, A, AS>(
        cx: &mut C,
        args: AS
    ) -> JsResult<'a, Self>
        A: Value + 'b,
        AS: IntoIterator<Item = Handle<'b, A>>
, { ... } }

The trait implemented by Neon classes.

This trait is not intended to be implemented manually; it is implemented automatically by creating a class with the class syntax of the declare_types! macro.

Associated Types

Provided Methods

Produces a handle to the constructor function for this class.

Convenience method for constructing new instances of this class without having to extract the constructor function.